Process Serving for Businesses and Individuals Throughout Michigan

Michigan Court Officers / Deputy Sheriffs

Each of our officers utilize the latest technology with research terminals located within their vehicles which are granted access to Michigan Secretary of State Databases along with other search resources. We have 8 full time Deputy Sheriffs/ Court Officers to serve your orders to seize and claim & Deliveries throughout all of Michigan.

Data Access / Research

Take advantage of our exclusive combined database access abilities to be sure to locate any available assets. We’re excited to operate one of the most sophisticated deep-reaching data collection programs available to date and our experienced research department has access to multiple state and federal databases.

Local Bailiff Not Required

We enforce orders to seize throughout the entire state of Michigan. If your local court requires the use of a local bailiff or court officer and you prefer to choose Allen-Hope & Associates, utilizing an ex parte motion and order may alleviate this problem. We’d be glad to help with this process, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you: 810-239-7788. Click here for ex parte pdf.

Dead Orders

It happens far too often. You issue an order to seize, and then…nothing. If you’re tired of hearing the sound of crickets, put our team to work for you and we’ll get your case moving today.

What’s worse than a dead order, is getting a bill from a court officer for what he calls “an attempt service. No client of ours has ever received a bill or invoice on an order to seize property, and neither will you.

High-Performing Auctions

Make more for your clients: we maintain and manage our own auction and storage facilities of over 2 acres and utilize online auction services that help generate more traffic to the bids, resulting in higher bidding amounts on your seized property.

See a list of courts we are authorized in to serve orders from.

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