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Data Transfer Technology (case loading)

We’ve always strived to remain at the very forefront of advancing technology in the process serving industry. Since as far back as 1999 we’ve utilized a unique database platform that monitors and tracks all of our process serving

Stay ahead of the curve – we’ve already begun implementing software applications for communication with the J.I.S. system that the State of Michigan courts are planning to migrate towards. Join us at the very forefront of technology within electronic case filing and service.

With the advent of electronic court filing we are poised to be in a position of leadership in the data exchange realm for the process serving industry.

Case load

Traditional Hard Copy
Courier pickup at your office or retrieval from the courts, or the US mail.

Fax: Fax your documents to 810-232-4970.

Email: Email your documents to

Database Handshake: This data transfer method is by far the best option. It allows many software applications to upload cases to our system directly and allows for us to return to you statuses, proofs of service, and invoicing.

FTP (file transfer protocol): This is a great method for transferring multiple cases at one time. This method is a widely used and is currently the most popular method as some law firms may not be utilizing collection software compatible with the database handshake.