Process Serving for Businesses and Individuals Throughout Michigan

Landlord Tenancies

For most process serving companies, a LT case is just a posting on the door. With us, it’s personal – more than just that. We work aggressively to achieve personal service, and a rapid turnaround on all of our landlord tenancy that we serve. You and your case are worth more to us than a document on a door.

No Filing Charges

For your convenience we offer a filing service generally at no charge as we can pick up documents at your office and file at the District Court. If you have a large number of cases, ask about our volume discounts.
Track your case with our LT tracking system. It constantly monitors the progress of your cases - beginning the moment the documents are Picked up at your office, filed with the court, continuing until the case is completed - providing you and the court a rapid return of proof of service.

You’ll benefit from our team of over fifty of the best process servers throughout Michigan, and nearly all of our process servers are either State of Michigan Court Officers or Deputy Sheriffs. Our Court Officers and Deputies are authorized to conduct evictions in 14 counties and growing.

Stay ahead of the curve – we’ve already begun implementing software applications for communication with the J.I.S. system that the State of Michigan courts are planning to migrate towards. Join us at the very forefront of technology within electronic case filing and service.

Save Time & Money

A pre-eviction enforcement notice can be served at your request. Sometimes you may want to request that we post a copy of the order on the defendant’s door to further warn the tenants that they must evacuate immediately or face eviction. This service saves time and money for everyone involved.

Local Bailiff Not Required

Don't assume you have to utilize the local bailiff to perform your service of process – it's your choice. Save time save money and increase lift for your clients. Please call us for a quick quote on your volume Landlord Tenancies.

> View current list of courts in which we are authorized to perform evictions witin.