Process Serving for Businesses and Individuals Throughout Michigan


Whether we like the idea or not, the company you choose as your process server is often perceived as an extension of your business. That’s why it is vital to select a process serving company that holds the same level of values and ethics as your business. Our qualified process servers have years of experience with both direct and indirect facets of serving legal documents.

You can trust us to maintain your professional image – let us locate those hard to find defendants and handle all of the logistics so you can get back to business, and close cases faster.

Our Process

First, your documents are picked up, or for fast service you can email your documents to us now at

Next, your case is transferred directly to the closest process server and then confirm service addresses, then begin attempts as per your instructions.

We’ll keep you updated on the case as attempts are made, when the subject has been severed, as well as any unusual events that may occur. Easily check the status and documented events of any case using our Service portal.

If we’re unable to gain any ground, we’ll then utilize our wide-reaching databases to research the addresses and determine if the service recipient has recently moved and prepare an affidavit for substitute service.

Once served, we’ll then Notarize and file the Return of Service and then return the documents back to you. Our proofs of service will contain detail information on the party served, a description of the party and the premises, a GPS tag and in some cases information on Vehicles located at the premises.


Call it Done

Give us a call, and call it done. We’re here and ready to serve today. Call our main office today at 810-239-7788 to start up your project. Click here to discover an office near you.

Audit process

At Allen & Hope we conduct auditing upon all of our Process Servers that are employed by the company. This includes such things as visiting defendant’s serve locations for verification of descriptions of a premise. We also conduct staged serves with “defendants”. All of our servers are aware that their cases and serves can and will be audited. This helps eliminate any sloppy process serving. We average around 3-5% auditing per year. This combined with our best practice policy, along with skillful yearly training, assists us and the attorneys we work for with compliance regulations. Any of our clients that are interested may view our compliance policy.


ALL Services Include

Unlimited Serve Attempts
No fee for rush service
7-Days/Week Service
Due diligence & Notary
Computer generated affidavits
Prompt status check