Process Serving for Businesses and Individuals Throughout Michigan

AHA Research Team

Let our knowledgeable and experienced research team provide thorough support for your pre-judgments and post-judgment research needs.

Gain access to the most comprehensive data available. Our team utilizes a handful of wide-reaching, live databases that allow us to locate and find parties of interest of defendants and their most recent addresses.
Most processing companies and skip tracing firms charge $20 – $35 per search. Our cost to you is just a fraction of that, at $2-$5 per search.

Batch Scrubbing

Simply send us a name and a Social Security number, and we’ll utilize batch scrubbing tactics to find and generate a spreadsheet of target information such as vehicles, real property, and in some cases employment information.

We also have direct access to the Michigan Secretary of State in our office that allows for current research on driving records and motor vehicle searches, and access to criminal history programs that allow for us to quickly access both private and public records.

Property Research Services

Property History
Verification of Occupants, Tenants and Vehicles
Housed Condition (exterior) and Number of Vehicles
Photography of Property
Property Checks

Public Records Searches

Change of Address
Social Security
Real Property
Business Record
Criminal / Civil
Address Update
Verification of Addresses